SHOWTEC HELIOS 150 COB Spots Indoor 4200K

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  • 564,00 €

The Showtec Helios 150 COB 4200K is a great replacement for the traditional Ceramic Discharge Metal-halide (CDM) lamp.
The sturdy and roadproof housing contains a high power COB (Chip on Board) LED and provides 4200K of beautifully bright white light, ideal for shops, studios and architectural lighting purposes.
Zero to 100% dimming control as well as full DMX control are standard, and for plain setups, the Helios COB can operate as a standalone fixture, not requiring DMX. The Powercon in- and output connections allow easy daisy chaining of multiple fixtures. Optional beam filters and barn doors are available too.

  • DMX Control
  • Powercon in and output
  • 3 and 5 pole DMX